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Expected Return

Expected rate of return represents the mean of a probabilty distribution of possible returns on the asset. For discrete return distributions it is a probability-weighted sum of all return realizations: \begin{equation} E(r)=\sum\limits _{i=1}^{\infty}r_{i}\, P(r=r_{i}) \end{equation} \begin{equation} \sum\limits _{i=1}^{\infty}P(r=r_{i})=1 \end{equation}

asset return
probability of i-th return realization
For continous return distributions, expected return is an integral measure: \begin{equation} E(r)=\int_{-\infty}^\infty r f(r)\, \mathrm{d}r \end{equation}
asset return
probability density function of return distribution

Function Reference
portfolio_expectedReturn, position_expectedReturn