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Jupyter Notebook, Python or R Kernel & PortfolioEffect HFT Package

Using Jupyter notebook to develop strategies, do research or monitor your portfolio is a great idea.  Jupyter supports different languages. At PortfolioEffect, our users are currently using R or Python kernel. They directly login through our web browser to see their portfolios. Examples on how to develop strategies and monitor risks are provided. This solution […]

PortfolioEffect Utilizes Real-Time Risk Metrics To Create Alpha

Benzinga’s article on PorftolioEffect can be found on this link. We decided to post the article in the blog as it is a good description of what we do. You can vote for PortfolioEffect here on Facebook and Linkedin for 2 votes. PortfolioEffect Utilizes Real-Time Risk Metrics To Create Alpha Brett Hershman , Benzinga Staff Writer   […]

Chicago Python Workshop

Alpha Generation: Controlling Intraday Risk Profile with Python Friday, February 10 2017, 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM [CST] Chicago, 10th of  Frebruary You will learn why the use of high frequency market data is necessary to be able to measure correctly the risk and rebalance your portfolio adequately. You will also learn how to build strategies to […]

New R/MATLAB Package Released: High Frequency Price Estimators & Models

We are happy to announce PortfolioEffectEstim toolbox availability for both R & MATLAB. It is designed for high frequency market microstructure analysis and contains popular estimators for price variance, quarticity and noise. For R Or via downloads section: For MATLAB—models-toolbox Or via downloads section: Features Package features key estimators for working […]